Our Top 3 Kentucky BBQ Recipes

Owensboro BBQThe people of Kentucky have barbecued for hundreds of years; since 1792 (the year that Kentucky officially became a state) they have enjoyed barbeques that far eclipse the size of any other cultures. Significant events today include the yearly political picnic, (where this event alone can see some twenty thousand pounds of pork barbequed for all those who attend) and the world famous Owensboro’s International Bar-B-Q Festival, which raises funds for charity whilst also serving up tens of vats of Burgoo (a traditional Kentucky spicy stew).

With such a rich history in barbequing it’s no wonder that Kentuckians have got this form of cooking down to a fine art and with Kentucky food being widely regarded as some of the tastiest food around people very often think of it as hard to replicate – from their traditional Burgoo to delicious pulled pork recipes. This may often be down to the fact that, having tried, people find that their Kentucky inspired dishes simply don’t live up to their expectations. However with the right ingredients, and just as importantly the right spices, you can become a Kentucky BBQ master chef. Here, with the help of SomethingNewForDinner.com, we’ve pulled together 3 simple, yet mouth-wateringly great, Kentucky recipes.

Sunlite K...

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Owensboro – The BBQ Capital of the World

If you want the best BBQ food, you need to go to the best BBQ. Held every year in Owensboro – the self-proclaimed BBQ capital of the world, the International Bar-B-Q festival promises a real treat.

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Getting That Hickory Smoked Flavour On A Gas BBQ

So you want the convenience of a gas-fired BBQ, but the authentic slow-cooked smoky taste of hickory? Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds!

Now that you know how to get that Hickory smoked flavour on a BBQ check out our other recipes and tips.

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